Jaimie (_bluestocking) wrote in iconogy,

107 Multi-Subject Icons

107 Multi-Fandom Icons

1-9: Christina Aguleria
10-33: Christmas Ornaments
34-42: Twilight Quotes
43-60: Christmas Cookies
61-107: Pushing Daisies 1x02


Textless Icons are not bases. Please do not hotlink. Please credit if used.

I've been playing around with different styles, hence the varying styles of icons. Up next will be some more Christmas Cookies, Twilight, Twilight Quote, and Pushing Daisies. If I have time, maybe a new batch of Robin Hood. Enjoy!
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Grabbed a few Christina, Twilight and Christmasy icons =] Will credit!
You're icons are really pretty =] I like your style.

I saved a Christmas cookie one, and will credit when used.

I love Christmas =]
thank you :)
i like the christmas icons, i like that style :)
they are delicious.
the fabulous coloring just make them look so eatable.
great work.x
thanks :)
Gorgeous! I took and will credit. Thanks!
All of these are very pretty!
I have a question for you: How do you create the shiny circle effect you have on most of the Christmas ones? Is it a brush, or just something you do freehand? Because I've been seeing it everywhere and it drives me crazy that I can't figure it out.

So, thanks, and sorry for my long ranting. Snagged a Christmas one! :D
Actually, I use textures from graphic_sl and cinnamonstreet and just set them on whichever setting looks best.
Ohhh! I didn't even think it would be a texture, but I suppose it makes sense.

Thanks so much, haha.
Great icons. Will credit when I use any. :)
Took 12 and 32. Will credit when used!
im going to agree with everyone on your coloring and i thought it was worth a shot so i am just going to come out and ask. do you or will you make tutorials on how you did those christmas ornament ones and maybe another tut for the cookies ones?

there's not enough good christmas stock tutorials around and yours would be a great one to have. thanks for sharing your work.
i'll try writing a tutorial on them as soon as i can. i'm not very good at them though, lol.
thank you. i hope you can.
love the coloring on the Christmas icons. will nominate one at iawards :)
i'mma use the reindeer cookie one, if thats ok :) (obviously with credit :p )

Also, do you think you can help me with the coloring for the ornament ones? they're GORGEOUS
OH nvm, i see that someone already asked haha :)